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The human body uses pain as a messenger and the message is typically that something is wrong. Whatever is wrong may range in severity from seriously life threatening to mild. Pain is, therefore a symptom in much the same way as fevers rashes and blurred vision are symptoms. Sadly, pain is a normal part of some people’s lives. Many people suffer from aches in various parts of their bodies
The popularity of over the counter pain medications is an indicator of just how prevalent pain is in people’s lives. People rely on aspirins and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to control the pain they feel. Stronger pain killers such as Vicodin are prescribed for pain that resists over the counter medicines. But all drugs come with the risks of developing dependency or even addiction.
Since pain is a symptom, the goal of treatment should be finding and treating the ailment as controlling the symptom does not alleviate the problem. But sometimes aches and pains are synptoms of conditions that cannot really be eliminated such as the natural aging process. As we go through life
One of the solutions to pain may be a change in lifestyle. This may mean changing elements of the diet- eliminating foods that are known to exacerbate the condition and including more ‘healing foods’. Foods that fight inflammation such as garlic are recommended by naturopaths as a part of an overall pain reducing diet.
Changing your lifestyle may also include changing your physical activities. You may need to slow down your pace in order to reduce your pain. But there are instances in which increasing your activity level is great for reducing or eliminating body aches.
Unfortunately, if your job is contributing to the aches you feel, a change of careers may be in your future. Some chiropractors suggest the use of a back brace for clients who do heavy lifting on a daily basis. They also recommend the use of ergonomic chairs for persons who work in jobs such as secretarial duties that require long periods of sitting and typing. If these adjustments either cannot be made, or do not resolve the ache then it is in the best interest of your health for you to start looking into other careers.
For persons with un-curable conditions, painful discomfort may be a lifelong partner that they simply have to live with. For these individuals controlling the pain becomes a priority. While you can adjust your lifestyle to manage your soreness, you may need to do a little more work. Many pain sufferers who visit chiropractors testify that their painful discomfort is relieved for longer periods of time.
As with the selection of any other personal or health care professional, you want to ensure that your chiropractor is an expert in the field with the requisite skills and track record. You can ensure that you find the best chiropractor in your area by consulting others for testimonials and checking out the credentials of practitioners before settling on one. Your priorities as you search should be a combination of professionalism and great results.